August 2017 Newsletter for Buena Vista Heritage

The Summer So Far:

We are having an exciting and busy summer at the museum. The season was kicked off with “Celebrating St. Elmo” our annual banquet.  Fundraisers during the summer include Cemetery Tours, Madams of Central Colorado Melodramas, Wine Tasting and An Evening with Big Foot. In July we also revived the Historic Ranch Tour.

Visitation to the museum has increase this year by 40%.  The improvements and redesign of the exhibits has been a great success. Our website has been updated and our Facebook page has become more informative with details on current events.  We also have a unique “train” food vender outside the museum. Please check them out. 

The current board consists of Vic Kuklin as President, George Barnett as Vice President, Bill Baker as Treasurer, and Judy Hassell as Secretary. Other board members include Kathi Perry, Melanie Milam Roth, Bryce Kelly, and Rhonda Funston. Suzy Kelly, an original founding member of the museum, is our historian.  Currently we have one board position open and available to the membership.  Our main task right now is to raise the matching funds for the grant mentioned on the first page. 

New BVH Staff Members: (Tom Tomson is still the Museum Curator)

Lisa Wagner: Lisa began as a docent last summer and demonstrated a passion for Buena Vista Heritage.  She worked throughout the winter as the archivist and then became the bookkeeper in January. Lisa has streamlined all the internal processes as well as creating organization within the museum.  She still is a docent part time and enjoys sharing her knowledge with our guest.

Kiki Lathrop: Kiki is a home town girl coming back to Buena Vista with a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  She has a specialization in museum collections and has been instrumental in revamping the exhibits and collection storage as well as giving our social media a much needed boost.  As a docent, she enjoys inviting our visitors to tour the museum and sharing our area's stories.

Upcoming Events: 

Mushroom Festival: August 26-27th                                                    Madams of Central Colorado: September 9th

Cemetery Tour: September 9th

Applefest: September 9th                                                                                                     Haunted Night at the Turner Farm, Oct. 29-31th   

Did You Know??

1.     A Buena Vista Heritage GoFundMe account has been set up to raise matching funds for the grant. Please like our Facebook page and then share with your friends. 

2.     The old Courtroom in the Museum and the Turner Farm are available for weddings and other events. Check out the website for rates. 

3.     You can enter a homemade apple pie in a contest at Apple Fest. Have the pie at the Turner Farm by 10:15 on September 9th. Pie sale proceeds go to help restore the courthouse.

4.     We always need volunteers to be a docent at one of the museums or to help with events. Contact the museum, send an email or contact a staff or board member. 

5.     We operate and maintain on donations, memberships, admissions and events. Thank you. 


BVH  2016 Spring Newsletter

Annual Meeting & Fundraiser:

Making History- May 21st

Making History”  will be the theme of our  fundraiser this year.  The annual meeting will be at 5:30 in the court room before our fundraiser begins at  6:30. $25/person. Get your tickets at the Chamber of Commerce. A silent auction and heavy hors d'oeuvres will start the evening. After a short live auction we will have a presentation of old photos along with some stories to go with them.  Come support the new board of directors and enjoy the evening at the Buena Vista Heritage Museum.


Time to Renew Your Membership for 2016

It is time to renew your membership for 2016. We  need your membership and your volunteer time to keep Buena Vista Heritage going. There are some great stories of the past  as well as artifacts and  historic structures that  help preserve our local heritage. Only we can do this together.   Please join us. It’s fun and  important as well.

Renew Your Membership Here

Learn more about Buena Vista Heritage Here

Volunteer Here

Grant Update

Buena Vista Heritage has big plans and a lot of projects for 2016. We are going to need lots of help!

Our most ambitious undertaking for 2016 is a structural assessment of the courthouse. We will spend over $47,000, most of which is funded by the Colorado State Historical Society, to partially dismantle and study the roof, cupola, drainage system, widow’s walk, etc. After the completion of this project we will have construction plans for a full rehabilitation of the building, a project that we should begin in 2017. This will take a lot of money, much of which we will have to raise. Since volunteer hours can be used to show the state that we mean business, we need lots of hours.

An undertaking of this size can be accomplished if we divide it into distinct projects (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time). Many projects can be funded and completed separately.

Everyone who cares about the history of the Buena Vista area is requested to open your wallets, roll up your sleeves and pitch in. And don’t forget to become a member!   Donate Here.


 2016 Calendar of Events

Go to

Volunteer! We Need You!

BVH is looking for people who will become member volunteers. We have board positions that we need to fill. We need people with maintenance skills, an interest in running a model railroad, being a docent at any of our properties, organizing the research room photographs and manuscripts, and documenting our collections on our computer. We need cleaners who will tidy up our properties before the tourist season begins. Volunteer on a regular basis or for just a few hours. Any time you have will be appreciated. If you have skills, we can use them. If you don’t, we can teach you something. If you are a student, volunteering looks good on a resume. If you are a retiree, you know a lot that can help in many ways. Young or old, we need you to volunteer.  You can contact BVH Museum Manager, Tom Tomson at 719-966-5318.






























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